Cargo Insurance
Easy to apply – Transport and insurance in one
All that’s required is to indicate your insurance requirements on the way-bill and explain the insurance conditions to have complete the application process for freight transport insurance. There is no need to fill in an insurance application form and wait for content such as the application code and wait for the ship name and voyage number etc. before you can apply for insurance and go back and forth correcting trifling details. You submit the form, it’s verified once, and then immediately delivered to you.
Preferential rates – save time, save energy, and save money
Technical services – professional, value-added
Using our logistics resources, information, and technical advantages as well as our professional understanding of the risks involved in transport, we provide services such as consultancy and project design, etc. for our clients in the logistics and risk-management involved at every sections of the management of the supply chain. We make management of our clients’ supply chain as efficient as possible and as low-price as possible.

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